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Comprehensive, Current, Authoritative

Comprehensive, Current, Authoritative

NOTE: ELA offices are currently closed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). We recommend emailing an inquiry to  to confirm whether a book is available and how soon, before placing your order.

If you are a professor considering assigning an ELA publication as course material, we request that you email us to let us know this, with the approximate number of copies needed and the date by which students will need the text. This will help us be ready. Thank you for your understanding.

NOTE: Due to technical problems, no ELA ebooks or print books may be ordered from at this time. 

ELA publishes books and monographs by leading authors and researchers in education law. Print books are available through this site; e-book versions are now available only through

ELA members receive significant discounts on most print titles. The member discount does not apply to clearance items. Member discount prices will display automatically if you log in. 

If you are from Ohio, the prices shown will include tax.

Non-members who shop with us must create guest account at checkout.

NOTE: In addition to print books, the Bookstore is also where you'll pay for your event order after registering for webinars, seminars, and the annual conference.


Regular members, library subscribers and non-members can opt in for a standing order to receive each new K-12 title in our series automatically. Members receive discounts as applicable. Simply contact us to join the list.


A discount for bookstores may be available. You must be calling from a bookstore with a physical commercial/retail location which is open to the public during regular business hours and agree to our package and postage terms.


Professors who wish to review textbooks to consider for use in their class should email inquiries to . With the purchase of a print book, ELA can, upon request, provide a pdf copy for conversion and use by those with visual impairment; also address these inquiries to ..


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