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Present at The ELA Annual Conference

Present at The ELA Annual Conference

November 13-16, 2019 (Nov. 13th is the preconference day) Waterside Marriott in Norfolk, VA

Submission deadline: March 1


Important Advisory - Online Forms

For copy/paste to work, the input needs to be plain text as in a Notepad file, not a Word document. You can "Save As" into different formats including plain text. So, you should save your existing document as plain text and give the plain text file a new name so as to not overwrite and lose the original Word doc. Now you should be able to select, copy and paste.

If you continue to experience problems, please arrange your Word document in the same order as the form below and add headings to your Word document as necessary so that it closely matches the form. Send one document to the ELA Office as an attachment to an email with "Conference Proposal Submission" as the subject along with your CV. Please DO NOT send a partial form through this page and then send a document via email- in this case we cannot guarantee that your document will be fused for the reviewers.

Proposal Form to Present

Proposal to Present a Concurrent Session at the 2019 Annual Conference in Norfolk, Virginia

You can submit your proposal as an attached document. However please follow the same structure as the form seen here. You can also copy and paste your proposal. However please help us out by saving your document as plain text. Then copy/paste paste it into the online form. Do not mix methods and submit either this form or a complete submission as one file attached to an email. We cannot guarantee that your document will be fused after submission for the reviewers. 

Presenter Information

Highest Degree:*
Address *

Please attach your resume or CV, or at least a detailed biography of EACH presenter. This is mainly for use by the ELA office in submitting to individual states for CLE credit for attendees. If your file is larger than 2000 KB, please email it to ELA separately. If you have trouble attaching a PDF, try attaching a Word document.

Upload a File:
CONTACT INFORMATION for EACH additional Presenter (please include the name and email addresses of each additional presenter). *


(list affiliation information for EACH presenter EXACTLY AS SHOWN in the example below): John A. Smith, J.D., Ph.D.: Associate Professor, Educational Leadership Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
If your presentation includes multiple presenters, do the presenters represent the 3 main ELA constituency groups: administrator, attorney, and professor? Please note that the highest rated presentations are generally those which present both the academic information and the practical application of the information.*
Presentation Title:*
Presentation Topic:*
Will your presentation appeal to the three ELA constituency groups (administrators, attorneys, and professors)?*


Upload a Word doc or PDF of a 3-page MINIMUM outline adequately covering the content of your proposed topic, using any necessary citations. A traditional paper with your updated research will also be due October 1st. If you have trouble attaching a document in one format, try attaching it in the other.
LEARNING OUTCOMES: Please describe how each constituency group will be able to apply the content of your presentation to their respective work. Proposals including practical application of the research, or best practices, are generally scored higher and presentations including these same elements are evaluated higher by attendees.
What area of education does your presentation primarily address?
How much time do you prefer for this presentation? (Notation of your preference will be taken into consideration, but your proposal score based on the rubric, evaluations of past presentations, as well as spacing and scheduling constraints will also be considered)
If your proposal is not selected for a regular concurrent session, are you willing to present it as a roundtable or poster session?
Summary for conference program (must not exceed 25 words or we will edit as necessary)*

Please read each of the following, and indicate that you acknowledge and agree.

All presenters must electronically submit an appropriate narrative paper of the presentation material, including a case list or footnotes with proper legal citations, in a final format, no later than October 1. Additional information related to copyright and publishing said narrative is discussed below. Presenters must bring copies of their presentation paper to the conference in hardcopy form (15 copies).*
ELA does not provide an honorarium, travel, or other expenses for presenters. You will be responsible for your individual conference expenses:*
All presenters must register and pay for the conference by September 15 (Those who miss this deadline risk not being included in the conference program). Please review our cancellation policy prior to selecting to agree:*
Registration fees are not waived for presenters. Note: Presenters for preconference seminars are not required to register for the preconference seminar in which they participate, but they must register for the conference. Each presenter whose name is submitted for the conference proposal must register for the conference.*
An LCD projector and screen will be provided for each presentation. Though we will have one or two adapters available, please note that the LCD projectors are generally compatible with PCs, so you may need to convert your presentation material accordingly. There will be no Internet in the meeting space and so will need to download and embed any such materials.*
Although the LCD projector and screen will be provided for each presentation room, a computer is not provided.*
The undersigned represents that the signer is the sole proprietor of the materials that will be submitted for the 2019 Education Law Association Annual Conference; he/she has the full power and authority to grant any use of these materials to the Education Law Association and so grants said authority to ELA to publish or sell the narrative paper or other materials; the publication or sale of the material will not infringe upon any copyright and author is responsible for gaining any needed permission for dual publishing or republishing rights; and the undersigned will not enter into any agreement or understanding with any person or entity that might conflict with the rights granted the Education Law Association. If I am selected to present at the 2019 Education Law Association Annual Conference, I hereby grant the Education Law Association the non-exclusive right to print and distribute the narrative outline and any attachments in the Education Law Association’s Annual Conference program and distributed conference files, and in other formats in furtherance of the mission and vision of ELA.*
By checking the box to the right, I agree to allow ELA to accept the electronic submission of this form as my signature.*

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