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studentstudentThis plan is for students in their second year of eligibility. Graduate or law students who are carrying at least six credits in a semester are eligible for Student Membership in ELA at a steeply discounted rate. Upon completion of your Student eligibility, you are eligible for ELA’s one-year Introductory Membership, which provides a 50% discount off the regular Professional Membership. All ELA.members receive full access to all the resources ELA has to offer, including all of ELA’s digital periodicals, access to online resources, free webinars, a 35 percent discount on ELA publications, and significant discounts on conference and seminar fees. Most importantly, ELA members are part of a uniquely diverse and collegial fellowship of practitioners, scholars, and teachers. Student members receive all this for what amounts to just $5 per month.

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Note to current members: This plan can't be renewed. However, you can upgrade online from your account, which you will find in the Members menu. There you'll be able to opt in as a Student3 (third and final year of eligibility). You also can upgrade to full Regular membership. Just click on "Upgrade Plan."

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